How Can I Help?

You are a unique individual with a very distinctive personality; you have certain behavioural patterns and these are the patterns which actually help you to choose a particular job, a specific friend circle and even your life partner. The choices we make are our choices alone, and it is us who actually make these choices consciously. Let’s take an instance. In case of career, it is our personality which actually helps us to determine the type of job we want to choose. The question of whether we will be happy with the job or not depends on us; but of course you may need some extra help. I will help you to understand your goals and objectives and plan your life ahead to get the most of career, business and life. You need focus on your life and identify the problem areas; it may be related to work, health and fitness, personality development, getting rid of bad habits, or age-related crisis. It is my objective to provide a supportive framework which will help you to understand where you stand and how your life gets better from here.

The question of what you can do and how you can achieve it comes foremost in the mind. It is my aim to guide you to find the distinctive quality of your personality, broaden your perspective so that you are empowered to realize your self-worth. And once you realize your worth, it is easier to believe that you can. And once you start believing in something, you are bound to improve. You move from strength to strength, and the path will be laid to help you achieve your goals. It is my responsibility to be on your side when you start and end the journey. In case of any human being, the possibilities are limitless; but not often can we recognize those possibilities. My aim is to make you understand the importance of those possibilities and help you identify areas where you can explore those possibilities and your potential to the fullest.

Career Change

Heraclitus has rightly said „The only thing that is constant is change”. But how many of us are prepared to accept change and adapt to new things? The first and foremost feeling that comes to the mind is apprehension; then comes hesitation and lastly one experiences vulnerability. But a little help can make a lot of difference. It is my aim to help people in making informed decisions about their lives; it can be career-oriented decisions or related to a new business. In order to make them cope with the changes, I try to help them to gain an insight into the flow of things and how the change can affect their lives. Also, it is not easy to inspire confidence among people who are already quite sceptical about the new things. So, I share my experiences, because I have worked and travelled around the world for 12 years. I tell them how I tackle each incident differently and how each change brings a new dimension to life.

Often moving to a new country for a new job sounds very intimidating to people. Of course the fear comes from a deep-seated belief that one will experience something new and unfamiliar. This zone of unfamiliarity often inspires lack of confidence. So, if you are planning to start a new business in some new place, it would be good to know the place, its people and how you can mingle with them.

I help them to experience a new culture, by preparing them for every small nuance which can make their life better. A person can experience the same kind of intimidation in a new workplace. But with a little bit of preparation, one can face the challenges that are associated with a new job and a new workplace. The idea is to cope with the challenges by turning them into positive experiences.